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Watch This Amazing Swarm Of Drones Build A Rope Bridge!

Drones are really amazing inventions. They allow you a sneaky peak into your neighbour’s garden. You can get a view of any hard-to reach spot, as long as your drone’s battery lasts. They have been used in the famous Lady Gaga Superbowl performance (how else do you think they projected that American flag in the sky?). They are even used to deliver Amazon orders in certain locations!

But all this fades when you see how else drones have been put to use. Construction, anyone? Watch this swarm of drones build a rope bridge, and be amazed. This is the future of construction, in all those hard-to-reach, dangerous for humans places! At the moment this is still probably just a builder’s dream, but soon we might just be able to build more impressive structures with drones.

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