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Watch This Diver Enjoy A Close Encounter With A Very Friendly Seal Captured On An Undersea Camera

This video, shot in 2014 by divers who were exploring the waters off Great Britain’s Scilly Isles, captured friendly gray seal asking one of the divers, Gary Grayson, for belly rubs!


It could have been quite unnerving, to have a wild creature come up so close to you and touch you with its nose, but Gary was not too concerned – the seal looked very interested in him, and he was very curious of the animal too.


The seal swam up to greet him, just like a dog would, and then “grabbed” Gary’s hand with its flipper and pulled it towards its belly. The intention was obvious – I will flip over, and you rub the belly, it seemed to have been asking.


Seals are considered to be friendly, curious and generally speaking – dog-like, and this video goes to show that this opinion is not unfounded.


Gary is an experienced diver and has swam with crocodiles, dolphins and sharks in the past. However the encounter with this friendly seal was the highlight of his diving career, he insists.
Even though Gary has swam around seals before, none of them behaved quite like this before. He was absolutely taken by this creature, who showed such need for affection.


It was an unforgettable experience for him, and he even has a video that he can bore all his friends with! He will cherish this memory forever!