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This Video Just Made My Entire Day! And For Every View A Pound Of Dog Food Will Be Donated To Shelters!!

Who doesn’t love a puppy? The answer is, no one! Personally when I see a puppy I just can’t resist them. They are just so soft, and clumsy and simply gorgeous! They bring out all the best features in people.

Watch what happens when puppies are brought in to meet some pre-school children, some older folks, and some gym-enthusiasts. Do you think you can guess who would be the most excited to see them? Watch the video as you might be surprised! I just love seeing people being so happy, the world needs more puppies!

Share this video with your friends and spread the joy. Plus, for every view of the video a pound of dog food will be donated to a shelter. So now you can get happy, and make a homeless puppy happy. Win – win!