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This Mother Just Wants To Find The Hereos Who Saved Her Son’s Life

This mum’s story will make your day a whole lot better I promise! In 2004, Kellie Haddock, her husband and 14 week-old son, Eli were involved in a horrifying car crash – sadly Kellie’s husband was killed instantly and baby Eli was left barely alive. Initially Kellie was told that Eli would be lucky to survive and even if he did he wouldn’t have much of a life. However, the medics at Orlando’s Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children weren’t ready to give up on Eli. Less than a week after the accident Eli was home where he continued his road to recovery.

Kellie wanted to track down everyone who helped Eli’s recovery and growth into a normal healthy boy and this heart-warming video charts her journey. You’ll be in tears by the end I promise!

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