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This Guy Starts Singing ‘The Prayer’, Moments Later I Can’t Believe What I’m Hearing

“The Prayer” was famously performed by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. In this beautiful song the voices of the two musicians perfectly complimented each other, in a way that made the song difficult to cover by anyone else after them; it just could not be matched to the original!


That is until Marcelito Pomoy decided to cover the song. Marcelito’s unique talent is not just his singing voice, but the fact that he is able to sing both the soprano and the tenor parts!

Marcelito is the adopted son of a local Pilipino police-officer. He grew up in a happy, nourishing home and was given the opportunity to pursue many different interests and hobbies. However it wasn’t until he started singing when he realised where his true talents lie.

Marcelito discovered he had the rare ability to change between low and high singing voices, and that was when the biggest adventure started for him. He entered into Pilipino Got Talent, and won the hearts of the public completely. With their support, he won the show, and his career took off.


Marcelito went on to fulfil his dreams – he has a successful singing career, released two albums and all of this fame and fortune has even led him to be reunited with his biological parents. He is an accomplished and successful man, with a life others could be envious of.

And if you’re curious what his cover of “The Prayer” sounds like, press play on the video below!