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This Dog Has Been Purposely Starved For Months, Until Her Organs Started Shutting Down. Thank God She Was Rescued In Time

This is the sort of video that makes you feel embarrassed that you’re human. After what a human did to this dog, you really don’t want to be the same species as them!

This dog has been purposely starved for months, until her organs started shutting down and she couldn’t even stand up. She was rescued, but it was almost too late to help her. However, with very careful feeding schedule and lots of love and affection, this dog has made the most amazing recovery.

You have to watch this to believe it. It is a very uplifting video against all odds. Angel has found her forever home, and is now well looked after. Please share it with your friends, this charity really needs all the publicity it can get, so that more dogs in tragic circumstances can be helped. Hit SHARE!