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This Confused Dog Was Found Living In A Parking Lot, Watch The Story Of Her Heartwarming Transformation

I always find this sort of stories so heart-breaking. Zuzi was found living in a parking lot, sleeping on concrete and living off left-overs. Just looking at this little dog you can see how confused she is about people who are trying to help her. She has clearly had some troubling past, but all she wants is what all dogs want – to have a human to share their time with, to be loved and cared for.


Zuzi was rescued and is being cared for, so the story has got a happy outcome. Please share this video with your friends – who knows, maybe one of them would like to adopt Zuzi and become her human? She deserves the best!


Update: We’re so pleased Zuzi finally found her forever home and will receive all the love she deserves!


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