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The Shape Of Your Belly Button And What It Says About Your Personality

Ancient theory of physiognomy says that person’s character can be assessed based on their outer appearance. This is usually applied to the face, but there are other body parts that are as revealing, such as feet, hands, and even – belly buttons! Belly-button reading has its own name, which is Omphalomancy. Not a very catchy name, but still a valid divination method to help determine person’s characteristic.
Have a look at your belly button in the mirror and decide which shape resembles your own umbilical knot. It’s not just “innie” or “outie”, there few variation within both of those, and they will decide what personality you have.


1. Protruding Navel

This is the classis “outie”, which signifies a highly stubborn and persistent personality. Your strong character means that you stick to your guns at all times, and not give in to societal pressures very easily. Once you’ve made up your mind about something, you will not waiver in your decision. This also applies to your love life – you’re very faithful and build lasting relationships, it might take you a while to find a person worthy of your affection. You enjoy being in the centre of everyone’s attention.

2. Big and Deep

If you have a big and deep belly button, you also have a generous and warm heart. You will happily share your material possessions with anyone, but also give people help and attention, or whatever else it is they might need. People gravitate towards you because of this, but you also have excellent people-managing skills, so you don’t tend to let them take advantage of you. You are the truly selfless person the world needs more of.

3. Shallow and Small

People with shallow and small belly buttons have enigmatic and distrustful personalities. They are very understanding of other people’s shortcomings, and are often confided in with their secrets, which they are very good at keeping. People with this shape of the belly button tend to only trust their closest relatives and friends, and are sceptical about other people’s intentions.

4. Downward

If your navel is pointing downwards it means you have low energy levels. This has an effect on the physical side of your life, as you’re not keen on exerting yourself, and might be considered lazy. You are however not lazy, just trying to preserve your energy for more important tasks. You have very vivid and sharp intellect, and have enviable resourcefulness, especially in simplifying tasks that require a lot of effort.

5. Oval Shape

This shape is prevalent in people who are emotionally delicate and highly-strung. You get bored very easily and ready to move on to the next thing if you don’t see the results of your actions straight away. You carry your heart on your sleeve, which means people often hurt you, and your nature stops you from showing your emotions. It is important you work on this, as people often don’t realise how sensitive you really are.

6. Wide Belly Button

If you have a wide navel like on the picture, it means you are attentive and watchful. You always know what is happening around you as you are so alert all the time. You tend to be cautious around other people and don’t give your trust easily. However once you trust somebody they become friends for life, and you are loyal and protective friend.

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