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Obsessive Artist Has Spent 25 Years Creating Massive Sculptures Carved Into Sandstone

This is an artist like you’ve never seen before. Some call him obsessive, but he says if you love what you’re doing, you want to do it all the time. And what he loves doing is carving caves…

Now, they are not just some caves bears or bats would live in. He is an artist, so his caves are masterpieces. He calls them ‘wilderness shrines’ and you can see why. Walls are adorned with leaf and flower motives, all the openings are carved into gentle arches – it does look like something mother nature could have created. If mother nature was into this sort of thing!

These beautiful caves were only discovered recently, as the artist is not doing them for fame or money. However I think he deserves recognition for his amazing work, so watch the video and share it with your friends!