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No One Could Stand To Touch This Homeless Cat, Until He Found Someone Who Gave Him Unconditional Love

What people find so appealing about cats is their lovely appearance. A typical cat is ball of soft fluffiness, pretty and dignified, purring contently or elegantly pursuing its endeavors.

The cat in this story, Valentino, is not this lucky, however. He has lived on the streets for so long, he developed bad mange, and his fur became hard and sticky.




By the time Valentino was taken off the street and into Baldwin Park animal shelter, his eyes were so badly infected, dirt just stuck to them fixing them almost shut. Most animals in this state would not have much chance of survival, let alone finding a new home.




Valentino however did have some amazing luck in the end. He reached out to the right human, and as Elaine Seamans passed his cage he put his paw out at meowed quietly. This little movement and sound he made was one that would change his entire future.



Elaine picked him up, and as she did so, he rested his poor little head on her shoulder, relishing the first human contact and affection in a very long time. Elaine was so overwhelmed by this little gesture, she decided to take him home and offer him her friendship and care.



Elaine couldn’t just leave him after he called out to her for help, which she thought Valentino did when she passed his cage. We could all learn a lesson in love and compassion from this amazing lady.

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