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This New Electric Jet Has The Potential To Change Air Travel Forever

If you ever worried what is going to happen to our world when we run out of all the fossil-fuels that currently keep it going, worry no longer. There are scientist out there who are thinking of solutions as we speak, some of them have even already built prototypes that run on renewable energy.

This jet for example runs on electricity, which means it can indirectly be powered by solar or wind power! How cool is that? It’s vertical take off and landing, like a helicopter, but once in the air, it goes forward just like any other plane. Currently it can fly 300 kilometres, but that is work in progress, and as batteries become more powerful, this distance will definitely increase.

Now, I’m putting it on my Christmas list. How good a boy do you reckon I have to be to get it? Lol, share it with your friends and see what they think.