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How To Make A Swedish Torch, An All-Night Burning Campfire With One Log!

Low on wood at your local camp-site? Tired of hauling logs from one end of the property to the other? Is your BBQ pit rusting through or on it’s last leg? A Swedish Torch might be the solution you are looking for!

Well this amazing “hack” (pun intended) will revolutionize your next outdoor cooking experience!


Rumors claim “The Swedish Torch” was thought up by a train hopper who used the clever trick to stay warm in between train rides. The Swedish Torch is as simple as it is brilliant and is sure to maximize efficiency at your next campout.


Here’s how to make a Swedish Torch:

1. Start by getting yourself a log that is rather wide and is flat on the top and bottom.

2. With a saw or large cutting tool, make two or three cross-hair cuts across the top of the log, cutting around 3/4ths of the way down.

3. Start a fire on top with kindling or a Bernie and watch as the airflow beneath the fire breaths life to it as it catches the top of the log ablaze.


4. As the fire on the top of log burns, coals will fall down to then bottom of the log, igniting the lower parts of the log and providing you with a long-lasting and hot fire.

By using flat logs, you can actually place a kettle, pot, or cast iron skillet directly on top of the log as you cook your next campfire meal.

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