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He Attached A GoPro To His “Home Alone” German Shepherd… Now Watch What He Does!!

If you ever wondered what does your dog do when you leave them on their own – you’re not alone! This couple was so curious they attached a go-pro to their German Shepherd and left to get some takeaways.

What the dog does is actually a bit sad. It just worries. Checks the bedroom – Am I truly on my own? Goes back to the door – Are they back yet? Goes around the house – Maybe they are hiding somewhere? Again to the main door – This is not funny, guys. Lies down in the bedroom, then gets up again to check they are not back. And so on. Out pets worry about us when we leave them on their own!

Have you got any friends with pets? Share the video with them, maybe next time they’ll think twice about going out for the whole day!