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During A Visit To The Wild Gorillas He Raised As Babies, Watch This Adorable Encounter With His Wife

Even multi-millionaires have to be careful when introducing their wives to their old mates, as wealthy conservationist Damian Aspinall found out for himself! He took his newly wed wife to the jungles of Gabon, but the visit took an unexpected turn when the two boys met Victoria.


Damian was a little cautious to start with, unsure about what sort of welcome they would receive. After all, he had left Djalta and Ima on their own in the jungle four years earlier. If you do that to your mates, especially when they are as attached to you as Djalta and Ima were to Damian, you would expect they might still be a bit upset with you!


However, Djalta and Ima are Western Lowland gorillas, so having been left in the jungle actually suited them really well. Damian rescued them as babies, reared them himself and released into the wild when they were grown up, at the age of 12. As experienced as Damian was handling the wild animals, he was a bit worried how the two would take to his wife. He was however adamant she needed to meet the pair, who had such a lasting impact on his life.


As it turned out, Damian had absolutely nothing to worry about. In fact, he should have been more careful introducing his wife to the apes, as she instantly fell in love with the 300-pound beasts.

Djalta and Ima accepted Victoria as part of their pack, and showed her affection by nuzzling her neck, cradling her in their laps and even trying to pick nits out of their hair. This is what love and trust is in the world of apes!


Watch the video to witness the incredible encounter and see for yourself how it all played out. Isn’t it incredible?